What We Do

FirstLink provides specialized support and capabilities for private sector businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a conduit with federal programs designed to enhance technology transfer for first responder technologies.

Our goal is to help pair federal technologies with non-government entities so that technology development can proceed most effectively and efficiently, with the highest value provided to first responder communities. This will result in increased jobs throughout the United States and improve our economic and technological might.

FirstLink has established capabilities that allow us to support the following technology transfer mechanisms accepted by the federal government:

  • CRADA – Cooperative Research and Development Agreement – 15 USC 3710a
  • Contracts, Grants and Cooperative Agreements – 31 USC 6303-6305
  • PLA - Patented License Agreement – 35 USC 207 and 209
  • SBIR and STTR – 15 USC 638
  • Manufacturing Technology Assistance – 10 USC 2525
  • DUS&T – Dual Use Science & Technology Program Omnibus Appropriations Act of FY97
  • COSSI – Commercial Operations & Support Savings Initiative – 10 USC 2511
  • IR&D – Independent Research and Development – DoDD 3204.1
  • MPP – Mentor-Protégé Program – PL 101-510, NAA, Section 831
  • CTA – Commercial Test Agreement – 10 USC 2539b
  • EPA – Educational Partnership Act – 10 USC 2194
  • PIA – Partnership Intermediary Agreement – 15 USC 3715
  • Use of Facilities and Loaned Equipment – 10 USC 2667 and others
  • Unsolicited Proposals – FAR Subpart 15.6
  • Partnerships/MOUs – DoDI 4000.19
  • Other Transactions – 10USC 2371
    • Determining Product Value and Fit
    • Research and Development of New Technologies
    • Prototypes, Demonstration, and Fielding of New Products
    • Obtaining Licensees for New Products
    • Support the Launch of Commercial Sales

In addition, we have developed an assessment system for gathering and prioritizing the commercial potential for technology research developed within the Department of Defense (DoD) federal laboratories or funded through its Science and Technology programs.

Our Capabilities

The FirstLink team provides business expertise and project management capabilities that support and enhance the transfer and transition of these first responder technologies. Building upon business strategy, finance, accounting, operations, and marketing expertise, our team adds renowned expertise in the first responder space. Our additional skills include extensive knowledge of resource identification and procurement processes for emerging technologies. FirstLink has established relationships with government procurement officers within the defense sector. We have built strong partnerships within the Federal Laboratory technology transition and research space.

Learn more about our Methodology.

If you have an interest in advancing a first responder technology or have a technology that meets the needs of first responders, please contact us.