About Us

FirstLink was established as the nation’s first Department of Defense (DoD) Technology Transfer and Commercialization National Center of Excellence for First Responder Technologies through a Partnership Intermediary Agreement with the United States Department of Defense Office of Technology Transition and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

Our mission is to increase the rate at which first responder technologies are commercialized and transferred to the market place, where they can be made available to our nation’s first responders through U.S. manufacturers and small businesses. FirstLink supports the transfer and transition of technology from DoD laboratories to market by conducting initial technical reviews, market analysis, and identification of potential industry or private sector partners.

There are nearly three million federal, state, and local first responders – fire fighters, law enforcement personnel, and emergency medical teams. Their role includes not only providing basic safety to United States citizens, but also securing our nation’s home front. Their need for the best technologies and equipment is more critical than ever.

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If you have an interest in commercializing a first responder technology or have a technology that meets the needs of first responders, please contact us.